Alina Teodorescu is a Lisbon-based Visual Artist. Her concerns are mainly social.

She questions the mundane placidity of day to day life in most creative and therefore galvanic forms of art stimulating subtle political inquiry.

Born in a mountain town in Romania she has studied at renowned institutions in London, Milan and Bucharest. After a successful career in interior architecture and a life of traveling, she decided to dedicate herself to nature through art and dialog. In her work, Alina travels between the analog, the digital, the theoretical and the transcendental to explore new ways of existing on earth.

“Being it both sacred and profane - sometimes ominous and numinous - art always initiates an unending pilgrimage for me”, she says.

With almost supernatural energy and in svelte approach, she works to bring awareness, apprehension and responsiveness into the world, where living is challenged by rapidly disappearing nature, climate crisis and diminishing dialogues between humans and between nature and human. While the destination always remains the same, the medium is flexible and limber. That includes events, installations, interiors, paintings, text, conversations, conferences and advocacy.

Her art materials can be anything from soil, wood, and fabric, to digital screens, social projects and music events.


COLLABORATION- is Alina’s major raison d’être: whereas between people, ideas, concepts, discussion and artworks - but into her work it’s all coming together, for a responsible living and future.


DOB: 22 April 1982 ; Nationality: Romanian


Non for Profit and Social Entrepreneurship; 
2017– Today: Founder and coordinator of “In Context” International Contemporary Art, Music and Ecology cultural-educational program, Slanic- Moldova, Romania.

Art; 2013- Today: Solo Projects- Exibitions

2023 “Vividity”, Quinta da Bufala, Sintra, Portugal
2017 “Renew”, Beitkandinof, Tel Aviv, Israel
“Time to Cross”, Pyrgos Castelli, Santorini, Greece
2016 “Everything is true and simultaneously” The Exhibitionist Hotel, London, UK
“Early light” Tsichritzis Art Foundation- Athens, Greece
“Early light” Estia Pyrgos Cultural Centre, Santorini, Greece
Crossroad Gallery artist residency, Santorini, Greece
“Contra.diction” Kube Musette Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
2015 “Compass”, Old Brompton Gallery, London, UK
Artist residences, Largo das Artes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2014 Pop-up summer show, Chelsea Green Gallery, London, UK
“Bodies”, Playboy Members Club, Park Lane, London, UK
“New Perspective on Arts”, Le Meridien Flagship Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
Solo Show and artist talk at U2 Art and Design Center, Shenzhen, China
2013 Solo Exhibition, BRD Group Societe Generale Tower, Bucharest, Romania
“Blind Eyed Choice”, Galateca Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
“What? About You”, VC Art, Iris, Beirut, Lebanon

Group Projects & Lectures

2023 “ Lisières”, Global Nomadic Art Project- art enviromental, Brenne, France
2023 Sandarbh “Revisit”, Partapur, Rajasthan, India
2022 “The Affordable Art Fair” Battersea, London, VC Art
2021 “The Affordable Art Fair” Battersea, London, VC Art
2019 “The Affordable Art Fair” Battersea, London, VC Art
2017 “The Affordable Art Fair” Hampstead, London, VC Art
2015 “Painting the future”, Degree Art Gallery, London, UK
“Sync”, Largo das Artes Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2014 Honor guest lecturer at School of Digital Media, Sripatum University, Bangkok, Thailand
Honor guest lecturer at IBOBI High-Tech Early Education Center, Shenzhen, China
DESIGN; 2006 – 2012:  Owner and Head Designer SC Architectures Harmony & Stil SRL
Ø Develop interior design projects from concept to completion, project manage individual specialists
2013 Insign Award Winner – Best Senior Designer on Residential Projects, Bucharest, Romania


2006 – 2011 Editor on Architecture, Art & Design, Jurnalul National, Romania
Ø Published over 400 articles, In-depth analysis of a broad range of data on design, architecture and art


2020 Social entrepreneurship ANC graduate, Resources Center for Active Citizenship, Romania
2017 Cultural Education Specialist at Ministry of Culture and National Identity, Bucharest, Ro
2012 Modern & Contemporary Art: Art & Business, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London, UK
2007 Interior & Shop Design, Instituto Europeo Di Design, Milan, Italy
2001 – 2004 BA in Interior Architecture & Furniture Design, UAUIM, Bucharest

Languages: Romanian (native); English (fluent); Italian (fluent)


on The Anthropocene and The Afterworld

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